Business Education Graduate Program

Notice: The Business Education graduate program is not currently accepting applications. Explore our other graduate programs.

Professor teaching a class

Some students may find that, although they have interests in computer information systems, their passion lies with business education and wish to pursue a master’s in that area. Missouri State offers a Master of Arts in Teaching with an option in Business Education. We encourage you to consider all options in deciding what degree you would like to pursue.

College of Business Requirements

Students must have undergraduate preparation in, or the equivalent of, the following core requirements.

Course TitleCredit Hours
Basic Statistics 3 hrs
Principles of Accounting 6 hrs
Basic Business Law 4 hrs
Principles of Finance 3 hrs
Principles of Economics 6 hrs
Management Theory 3 hrs
Principles of Marketing 3 hrs
Computer Information Systems 3 hrs
Word Processing 3 hrs
Total 34 hrs

Business Requirements

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
BSE 696 Problems in Business Education 3 hrs
BSE 705 Curriculum Construction in Business Education 3 hrs
MGT 706 Organizational Communication 3 hrs
BSE 710 Improvement of Instruction in Business Education 3 hrs
  Additional College of Business course work 3 hrs
  Total 15 hrs